Tempura Udon Cup

Noodle Soup (NET WT 2.01 oz . 62g) 

Rich and satisfying, Nongshim’s tempura udon noodle soup brings traditional Korean flavors to your table. Simply add hot water for a quick, easy meal featuring udon noodles, tempura flakes and a savory seafood-flavored broth.

Savory and Flavorful Udon Soup!

Variety of delicious fishcakes and other seafood bits add a big flavor to the savory soup of the Tempura Udon Cup.
Fans who are dearly in love with our Tempura Udon Big Bowl because of its non-spicy, smooth flavor will fall in love all over again with this mini version of the classic!

Cooking Directions

  1. Open lid half way. Add soup base.

2. Pour hot water up to the inside line.

3. Wait for 3 minutes, stir well and serve.