Flavorful “Cream Cheese Shrimp Shin Ramyun”

Introducing smooth and thick taste “Cream Cheese Shrimp Shin Ramyun.”
If you think of smooth and thick taste, whipped cream is the one that comes in to your mind right? I also like putting whipped cream but it is hard to buy it unless you get it from large market. So this recipe uses cream cheese since it can be bought from general markets. The look and the taste does not lack from carbonara pasta while the unique scent of cream cheese makes it more flavorful. You can put bacon instead if you don’t have shrimp.


1 unit of Shin Ramyun
4 units of Shrimp (64g)
Cream Cheese (50g)
1 Yolk of an Egg
Olive Oil (10mL)


1. Peel the skin of shrimp and tear off the head. Then you slice the back of the shrimp and remove the intestines.

2. After you put olive oil in the pan, fry the shrimp for 1 minute.

3. Stir well to mix water (550mL) and cream cheese.

4. If the cream cheese is melted, put the noodle and soup base. Then boil it for 4 minute and 30 seconds.

5. Put the noodle in the bowl and place the yolk of an egg. Then sprinkle small amount of ground pepper.