Food Safety Management

Nongshim strives to perfect a food safety system in order to produce safe and reliable products for its customers.

Consumer always remain at the center of Nongshim’s business activities. In 2010, company thoroughly controlled and enhanced all processes, from food material purchasing to production, distribution, and after sales service, thus putting a premium on quality control. To further implement quality management, we recently introduced the’Customer Safety Project’ and intend to implement it into our operation.
The Customer Safety Project includes three main programs of Zero Claim, Advanced Response System for Customers and Plant Upgrade. To this end, we will innovate all processes, open the claims to the public and invest in additional facilities.

In addition, the Food Safety Advisory Panel was installed to supervise and lead customer safety project, and make it be firmly established in the Company. As a global food company that shares health and happiness with consumers, Nongshim will rebuild the world’s best brands by securing a flawless food safety system.