WorldWide on 7


As part of the globalization effort, Nongshim is tapping into overseas markets in a three tiered way of boosting exports, localizing and enhancing the function of overseas trading firms. In efforts of boosting exports, the company is exporting its products such as instant noodles and snacks to over 80 countries so that customers could globally enjoy the taste of Korea anywhere in the world. In a long term perspective, the company has studied the food culture of the neighboring countries to localize the taste of Korea. As part of the effort, the company is operating 3 plants in Shanghai, Chungdo and Shimyang and two offices in Beiging and Kwangju. In reqards to the Japanese market, the company has sales foothold in five major cities. The company is also strongly positioned in North America as a forerunner of the hot taste, running offices in LA, New York and Toronto. As the trend of blurring geographic borders accelerates, the company is pursuing globalization by strengthening the function of trading firms company and forming strategic alliance with famous global brands. Through the globalization effort, Nongshim is further strengthening its core competencies and exploring the way of surviving in the global market, keeping abreast of the leading companies of the world.