Just Noodles

For your creativity, Just Noodles!
Noodles comprised of 40% potato starch provides chewier, bouncier noodles for your dish!

Potato starch included (40%), Infinite possibilities, High quality, Nongshim style noodles, Manufactured in USA




Recommended Recipe

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is a comfort food made from chicken,
simmered in water with various of other ingredients.

Kimchi Fried Noodle

Kimchi fried noodle is derived from Kimchi fried rice
– the most popular fried rice dish in South Korea.
The ingredients for Kimchi fried rice consist of kimchi, rice,
and other ingredients such as diced vegetables or meat.


Mazemen came from MAZE meaning “to mix” and MEN meaning “noodles”,
a typical bowl of ramen without the broth,
so you can mix the noodles with all the preferred toppings. Can be served hot or cold.