“Shin Boyang Noodle Soup”


Shin Boyang Noodle Soup
Beat the heat with Shin Boyang Noodle Soup~


1 Shin Ramyun
60 grams of beef (to make the broth)
60 grams of boiled winter grown cabbage
10 grams of Perilla leaves
8 grams of chili pepper
2 grams of chili powder
10 grams of soybean paste
12 grams of Perilla seed powder
600 grams of water


1. Rinse the boiled winter grown cabbage in flowing water, strain out the water, and cut 4cm long.

2. Rinse the Perilla leaves and cut in half.

3. Rinse the chili peppers and slice 0.2cm thick.

4. Cut the beef 1cm thick.

5. Add the Shin Ramyun seasoning powder, chili powder, vegetable flakes, and Korean miso paste onto the beef and mix well.

6. In a pot, add the ingredients completed in step 5, stir fry until the beef is completely cooked, and then add water.

7. Once the water boils, add the noodles and cook for 3 minutes; after 3 minutes, add the Perilla seed powder and chili peppers and cook for another minute and 30 seconds.

8. Place the finished dish in a bowl.