We are shaping a better future through developing core technologies and innovating corporate culture.

In an age of fierce competition only the companies that have distinguished their capabilities from others can sustain their growth. Through constant efforts toward internal innovation, Nongshim is strengthening its core competitiveness and fousing on expanding business. Its mission is to create 1,000 ideas and 100 products, at least 20 of which are expected to be major successes in the industry.
On the back of these competitive edges, we are preparing another future success. Not only to flexibly cope with rapidly changing market environments but to position ourselves for the future, we established new mid and long-term vision and determined to innovate ourselves.
R&BD Center and Leadership Center, will be the heartland of research for the Company’s future business, technology development and cultivation of human resources.
Internally, Nongshim is making efforts to secure higher management efficiency by consistent innovation. Today, most global leading food companies are enhancing their competitiveness by expanding the business into related sectors, which has leveraged growth in sales and profits. According to this global trend, Nongshim will lay the groundwork for further growth by reinforcing core capabilities and implementing M&A or alliances with prominent global players as well as significantly improve its competitiveness through strategic outsourcing and cost innovation. We are accelerating our steps toward the ‘World Best.’